cdp is a program that plays CDs at the linux console. It has a full-screen ncurses mode, and a command-line mode suitable for scripts that wish to play audio CDs. I consider cdp to be the CD equivalent of mpg123.

It is also licensed under the GPL and thus Free Software.

cdp was originally derived from Thomas McWilliams' WorkBone 0.1. Sariel Har-Peled wrote the first version. Version 0.33 was his last version; in August 1999 I took over the project.

At present, my vision for cdp is to improve the command-line capabilities, including the ability to play a single track, a list of tracks, and partial tracks from the command line. Given the current state of abstraction this should not be difficulct. In the future I'd like to further clean up the command line, including switching to GNU-type options, and making use of getopt. Eventually I'd like to be able to handle multiple drives, and CD-Changers. It would be nice to wait for linux kernel support of expressing different CD Changer slots as different devices, but this does not appear to be forthcoming.

The current version of cdp is 0.33, but a bugfix 0.4 is in the works. Most of this patch can be found in the cdp-0.33-13 Redhat patch. You can download the current version (or historical ones) from the distribution page.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, complaints, patches, or just want to talk to someone, feel free to email me at I encourage all able persons to contribute, but I can't guarantee that your patches will make it into the 'official' distribution.

Also, thanks to for providing web hosting, file serving, and all that. You can access the main project page or the web CVS repository.